Why build with us

Our vision is to revolutionize construction with our newly developed system!

How do we achieve this?

  • The modular rapid construction system is ready for occupancy within a few weeks from the start of construction on your property.
  • Due to the prefabrication rate of over 90 %, we guarantee the highest quality and therefore, minimize the risk of construction defects.
  • Ecological and sustainable building materials in combination with an energy-efficient construction method
  • Flexibility: The modular houses can be easily extended or converted at any time, especially the „MODULARIS“.
  • Assembly is possible worldwide. Also, for temporary location. The SBS houses can be dismantled and reassembled non-destructively at any time
SBS Modulhaus Schnitt durch das Haus


  1. Load-bearing wooden structure made of glued posts and ledgers: 32 x 32 cm.
  2. Modular construction grid: the wall compartments between the posts are built with the wall or window elements. The surfaces of the wall elements are already finished.
  3. Due to the modular system, individual floor plans, later additions and conversions are easily possible.
  4. Only sheep’s wool is used for thermal insulation.
  5. We do not use cementitious building materials at all, as their production causes high CO2 emissions.
  6. The time-consuming foundation construction is replaced by a quick-build system with steel columns. These are screwed into the load-bearing layer on site according to the specifications of the statics.
  7. Use of the most modern technologies and renewable energies Self-sufficient solutions possible.
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