Module construction kit

Which future builder has not already asked himself whether the planned house will be too small or too large at some point?

The needs for living space often change in the course of life and one tries to adapt to the existing living space.
But what if the living space could simply adapt to our needs?

We have the solution with our flexible adaptable modular building system!

Example 1:

A young couple with the wish to have children would like to fulfill their dream of having their own home.

Currently, they both are still pursuing their career goals and the budget is not yet sufficient for a house suitable for a family.

Hence, you decide to build with modules 1 and 3, adapted to your budget and your needs.

In 7-8 years, you plan to expand the house with modules 2, 4 and 5 to create a single-family home.

The planned extension can be planned already at the beginning. All technical preparations are already pre-installed, and the addition can be made in a very short time.

Create your dream home

SBS Modulhaus Modularis 8 Module
SBS Modulhaus Modularis 2 Module
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