SBS Braun – Speed Building Systems


  • Modern and unique design
  • High quality materials
  • Short assembly times
  • Flexible attachment and conversion options

Why building with us?

warum mit uns bauen

Everywhere. Building.

Thanks to the modular speed building system method in conjunction with screw pile foundations, construction is possible everywhere in the world.

Flexible. Fixed.

Our system allows you to easily and inexpensively remodel or expand your home in the future.

SBS Modulhaus Westerwald Innen

Take living space with you.

The house consisting of the individually assembled modules can be disassembled at any time without destruction and can then be reassembled in its new place.

Find your dream house with us

Perfect for couples or singles

113 m² living space - 21 m² terrace - light-flooded rooms

Ideal for families

182 m² living space - 2 full floors

Open construction

150 m² living space - practical room layout


49 m² - 2 variants

Optional granny apartment

110 m² living space - 50 m² double garage – sauna

Modular house

flexibly expandable: 52 - 200+ m² - for single persons up to a multi-family house


  • Family business with over 20 years of experience
  • all services from one source: from planning to foundation construction to handing over the keys
  • Specialized in special buildings made of wood


  • turnkey timber frame house made of wood and large glass surfaces
  • energy efficient and ecological
  • sustainable and future-oriented energy concepts
  • use of the latest and most modern technologies
  • easy to add on and convert at any time

We offer a fixed price guarantee

When ordering an SBS house, the purchase of the required building materials is made immediately. Thus, the offered price can be guaranteed. Especially in the current period, which is characterized by high prices for raw materials, we offer you security.

As standard, SBS houses are built on screw pile foundations. These are completed in 2-3 days and the house can be assembled on them immediately.
Additionally, the entire house is prefabricated in productions, and you can move in after a few weeks.

We use ecological and healthy materials in all technically possible areas.
Sophisticated detail developments allow us to relinquish chemical adhesives, varnishes and sealants as far as possible.
To minimize CO2 emissions, we rely on a 100 % cement-free construction method.
Modern energy concepts and efficient thermal insulation make SBS houses sustainable and future-proof.

Every SBS house can be adapted to your needs as simply and easily as no other construction method allows.
You have the option of replacing windows with walls and vice versa. Floor plans can be modified, and additions are easily made with the modular system.

Get in touch with us.

We will be happy to advise you!

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67582 Mettenheim

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